100+ Jobs & FREE Career Coaching with Avni!

You asked for it, so we delivered 😉 Here’s a list of 100+ entry-level jobs in tech, startup, and venture capital across every industry and role imaginable.

List of 100+ Jobs to Apply to Today

You asked, so we delivered 😉 

Here’s a list of 100+ entry-level jobs in tech, startup, and venture capital across every industry and role imaginable.

And if you’re just passively job searching, don’t forget to drop your resume on the Gen She job board so companies can reach out to you!

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In over 50 coaching sessions, I've had the privilege of:
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My own career in tech started as a software engineer at LinkedIn. I later transitioned to the APM role at Atlassian, where I got promoted but made the bold decision to leave and build Gen She full-time. Having built a community of 200K ambitious women in tech, entrepreneurship, venture, and media with Gen She, I've gained valuable insights into the industry, especially understanding the challenges young women face in their careers.

It's my mission to give back to my community by offering dedicated time to help individuals in their careers. So, if you’re a student or later in your career looking for some advice right now in this climate, don’t forget to enter!

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I hung out with the CEO of Patagonia for a full weekend

…which is so wild to even type because a year ago from today I had just quit my job with no plan of what company I wanted to start, how I would make money, or why I even quit my job in the first place! I had no idea what I was doing, all I knew was that I had been thinking about pursuing entrepreneurship for over 6 years at that point, and I knew I had to pull the plug.

So, how did I even end up hanging out with the CEO of Patagonia just one year later? By investing in my network and building relationships with other founders, I got invited to an exclusive 3-day summit with 50 of the smartest founders across all industries. We were all flown to a lodge in Oregon for a weekend with an open bar, daily yoga, coaches on-site, and fireside chats with founders like Tom Rinks of Sun Bum. The best part? It was fully paid for by huge sponsors like Nike.

This was truly a life-changing experience. I have never bonded and connected so deeply with other founders like this before, and I know I have made friends for a lifetime. The diversity of perspectives across industries and experience really provided insight for my business, which I don’t think I could find anywhere on the internet.

But the most important thing I realized that weekend was that whether or not I'm able to make Gen She successful, I’ve already won. I'm already living my dream life. And that’s because, as a founder, I get to be invited to spaces where I can connect with other like-minded founders, and that, in itself, makes the whole endeavor worthwhile.

I feel really grateful that a year ago, I followed my intuition and pursued my dreams. The founder journey is really hard, and I’m nowhere close to done, but in some ways, I feel like I’ve already made it, and there is nothing more satisfying than that. 😊 

If you’re curious about the summit, check out this TikTok I made about my time there. Don’t forget to comment with a ❄️ emoji so I know you came from this newsletter, and you’ll automatically be entered in my holiday giveaway ($60+ of beauty/wellness products)!

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