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My 2024 Career Predictions
for tech & media

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Layoffs will get worse!

I wish I weren't typing this right now, but if you believe the worst of the recession is behind us, think again! It's never too late to start that side hustle you've been contemplating and begin passively job searching to protect yourself in this economy.

👶 AI is going to take over all entry-level jobs.

GPT is rapidly improving, and next year, we’re about to see new releases your minds can’t even fathom right now. Large companies are incentivizing managers to cut costs, leading them to use GPT to supplement tasks traditionally assigned to junior employees. While AI isn't capable of replacing all jobs yet, it’s certainly at par with entry-level positions.

🎓 Entrepreneurship will be more common than ever before.

If more companies refuse to hire entry-level talent and continue cutting costs, people without jobs will have to find new ways to make money to survive. As a result, a growing number of people are likely to turn to entrepreneurship as a means of establishing self-reliant income streams. Simultaneously, advancements in technology are simplifying the process of launching a business, effectively lowering the barriers to entrepreneurship.

Particularly noteworthy will be the rise in entrepreneurship among recent graduates who face a stark choice between forging their own path or facing unemployment. Lacking extensive corporate experience, these new entrepreneurs are less likely to be influenced by conventional business methods, paving the way for a new era of entrepreneurship characterized by unparalleled innovation and creativity.

💰Job security is dead - you need to find financial security. 

Redefine your approach to prioritize financial security over job security. Recent events, including the pandemic and widespread layoffs, have demonstrated that working for a startup is no riskier than working for a large corporation. The notion of seeking job security is outdated, rooted in a pre-pandemic economy driven by a technological boom. We don’t live in that era anymore, so it’s time to update our meta as well. Join a startup where, at least, you have a small chance of tapping into future wealth by owning equity early in the company.

💌 Brands will value creators with owned audiences.

As social algorithms become increasingly competitive and unpredictable, brands will begin to favor creators who can guarantee delivery and clicks, aiming for a more predictable ROI on their budgets. Owned audiences, typically found in newsletters or SMS subscriber lists, are not subject to the whims of ever-changing algorithms and offer predictable open and click-through rates, providing a reliable metric for brands with smaller budgets.

📈 Follower count will stop mattering.

While a follower count can lend credibility, it doesn't measure current relevancy or future performance. I predict that very soon, an advanced AI tool will be developed to assess the strength of a creator's brand, which will become standard across the industry. This tool will go beyond simple engagement rates, determining the extent of a creator's cult following and their effectiveness in selling different products based on the content and audience they've built.

🎥 Every company will need to be a media company to succeed.

Or they will need to buy one. As AI makes it easier than ever to build software, applications will increasingly become commoditized. With today's tools, a freshman from Berkeley could build the Uber app in a weekend; however, competing with Uber would be impossible without the capability to distribute to riders and drivers. This is somewhat of an exaggeration, yet the truth is that as product development becomes easier, success will hinge not on having the most features or the best experience but on securing the widest distribution. Companies must ruthlessly focus on content creation and choose to either build their distribution networks in-house or secure enough capital to purchase an audience.

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🛠️ Build Gen She With Me

My 2023 in Review

TBH, a lot of these things I’ve never had the courage to share out loud, but it’s important to me to bring each one of you along on the journey and to be transparent with you about the realities of entrepreneurship. So, here's the tea on my rollercoaster of a year!

January: Kicked off the year by ditching my NYC crib for a hot sec, secured some sweet funding for Gen She, and brought on my first-ever employee

February: Extended my stay in SF (couldn't get enough tech in me, obvi) and launched our MVP

March: Started consistently posting on TikTok and grew our app to 4,000 users in just 1 month. I realized I had outgrown NYC (for now) and let go of my dream apartment

April: Felt an icky pit in my stomach. The product felt off like it wasn't fixing what I set out to solve. So, I did what any sane person would do - killed the app and jetted off to Japan to breathe and reboot.

May: Found myself back at square one - no clear biz idea, no income, and officially apartment-less

June: Hung out more in SF, specifically at Founders Inc., a VC coworking spot, and became tight with the team there. They hooked me up with a free studio and nudged me to start a podcast

July: Dropped my first podcast episode and shared it with you all through my newsletter

August: Realized what I’m building is actually a media company and decided to return the investment money to stay true to my vision

September: Took Gen She on a mini tour with pop-up events and podcast recordings in SF, LA, NYC, Boston, and Orlando. Where should I go next year?

October: Got tired of living out of a suitcase, subleased a spot in SF with some friends, and dove into hosting virtual events

November: Your girl hit 20k email subs (shoutout to each and every one of you!) and started chatting with our first major customers

December: Needed a change of scenery, so I co-worked from Mexico City. TikTok's new algo had me feeling all sorts of burn out, so I shifted gears to IG and started raking in 1k followers a week! Follow me if you don’t already ❣️ 

🎙️ That’s a wrap on season 1 of the Gen She Podcast! We have something really exciting coming out in 2024 and will be announcing it very soon!!

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