After 7 Big BFF Breakups, now I know why it’s happening to you...

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After 7 big BFF breakups, now I know why it’s happening to you…

I probably hold the world record for the most female best friend breakups in my life: seven, to be exact. If you’ve ever gone through even one best friend breakup, you know it can be more heartbreaking than a romantic breakup. This pain stems from a deeper, more personal rejection. In romantic relationships, you choose one person, but friendships can include many. Being rejected as a friend, in a context where multiple friendships are possible, feels especially personal and hurtful.

I only ever saw two archetypes for women in media: the mean girl or the unwavering BFF, neither of which I resonated with. For years, I blamed myself, thinking I wasn’t deserving enough to have strong, loyal female friends. Since this kept happening to me, I believed I must be the problem. Yet, I never understood where I went wrong. As Jane Fonda says, “women friendships are very important to your health” and I was completely unwell without them.

After years of therapy, reflection, and talking to close people in my life, I reached a breakthrough and, honestly, a terrible realization about why I might never be good enough for the “dream girl best friend” that every main female character in TV shows seemed to have.

The truth is, I’ve always been very authentic to myself, confident in who I was and who I wanted to be. I credit my parents and the larger community I grew up in for always encouraging me to embrace my true self. But the reality is, most people aren't this lucky. Most are afraid of being seen and unclear about who they should be. And that's not their fault. The world is very unforgiving, and society has been built to discourage authenticity, especially towards women. So as these friends got to know me better and realized that my actions were a true reflection of my inner self, I began to become a constant reminder to them of their own inability to be themselves. They soon became more and more uncomfortable with this constant reminder, to the point where they could no longer be friends with me and people like me. (A TikTok I was recently sent summarizes it well.)

Once I realized this, I became so afraid of making others feel this way that I started to make myself smaller. Over time, I lost my voice, my drive, and felt lonelier than ever before.

If you’re reading this newsletter, you're probably an ambitious woman with big dreams who has often felt misunderstood and shunned. Trust me, I get it. On this International Women’s Day, amidst all the “female friendships are the best” posts, I want you to know that your journey is also seen and heard. It does get better. When I stopped allowing other women to enter my life and dim my light, I started attracting the right friends. Ones who were confident in themselves and didn’t need my light to dim for theirs to shine. And those were actually the friends I needed.


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Sophia Dodd (28)
Sophia is a venture capital investor at Touchdown Ventures. She focuses on investing in and working with startups in the consumer and built world segments, supporting their commercial strategy and strategic partnership functions. She is also an active angel investor, advisor, and freelance writer. Sophia graduated from Wake Forest University where she played Division I volleyball.

  1. What was your first investment? My first angel investment was last year in Afterwork, a corporate events planning platform founded by Zoya Khan. She is incredible, and I am thrilled to be supporting her.

  2. How do you budget your salary for self-development? I set aside about 18% of my monthly paycheck for personal and professional growth goals like angel investment activities, learning and development classes, and even sometimes golf lessons.

  3. Best money advice you’ve ever received? “While making money was good, having meaningful work and meaningful relationships was far better. To me, meaningful work is being on a mission I become engrossed in, and meaningful relationships are those I have with people I care deeply about and who care deeply about me. Think about it: It’s senseless to have making money as your goal as money has no intrinsic value—its value comes from what it can buy, and it can’t buy everything. It’s smarter to start with what you really want, which are your real goals, and then work back to what you need to attain them. Money will be one of the things you need, but it’s not the only one and certainly not the most important one once you get past having the amount you need to get what you really want." Ray Dalio, Principles: Life and Work

  4. What’s one non-negotiable for your mental health? Daily movement. Challenging my body physically allows me to build repeated confidence that I can withstand and overcome stress, setting me up for success in the face of future adversity.

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