Your Invite to Meet Google & BetterHelp + Hack Your Hormones for more Productivity

Ready to land your 6-figure job? Join our career panel featuring powerhouse women technologists from Google and BetterHelp, hosted by App Academy.

Get Hired: Career Talk with Google and BetterHelp

Ready to land your 6-figure job? Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to chat directly with engineers and recruiters from Google and BetterHelp! Don’t spend weeks or months cold messaging people to maybe give you 15 min of their time. This is your chance to get face-to-face time with engineers at top tech companies and even chat 1:1 with a recruiter.

What to Expect:

  • 📚 Engineering Insights: Hear firsthand from women who have paved their own successful paths at Google and BetterHelp. Learn what these tech companies really look for in software engineering talent and how you can be the perfect fit.

  • 🤝 Direct Line to Recruiter: Drop your resume here for 1:1 time with BetterHelp's Talent Acquisition Lead. It’s your shot at making a lasting impression and getting career guidance from a leading tech recruiter.

  • 🚀 Are Bootcamps a Secret Weapon? Discover how coding bootcamps, like App Academy, can give aspiring software engineers an edge in landing roles at big tech companies. Real stories, real results.

Space is extremely limited!

Hack Your Cycle for More Productivity

I’m sure many of us can agree that we’re miserable during our periods; we’re battling cravings, mood swings, and fatigue, among other things. But what if I told you that your menstrual cycle could actually be your secret weapon for unlocking greater productivity, motivation, and focus? It’s not about fighting against your period; it’s about understanding it and strategically shaping your work and life around it. Depending on which week of your monthly cycle you’re in, you should optimize for different goals and tasks. Let me break it down for you —

1. Period Phase (around day 1-7)

  • Strengths: Enhanced reflection, intuition, and forgiveness.

  • Challenges: Reduced physical energy and memory.

  • Opportunities: Ideal for resetting, soul alignment, and pivotal decisions.

  • How to work in this phase: Prioritize self-care with introspective practices, strategize work based on past reflections, boost iron intake, and engage in grounding exercises like yoga and meditation.

2. Follicular Phase (around day 8-14)

  • Strengths: High self-belief, optimism, improved memory, quick-thinking, and increased energy. Enhanced social and outgoing nature; basically, you’re on your A game.

  • Challenges: Potential for disrupted sleep due to high energy.

  • Opportunities: Ideal for taking risks, planning, organizing, and starting new ventures.

  • How to work in this phase: Embrace organization and planning, initiate new work projects with afternoon focus, integrate probiotics and omega-3 fats into your diet, and prioritize weightlifting with proper warm-ups to prevent injuries.

3. Ovulation Phase (around day 15-21)

  • Strengths: Enhanced empathy, communication, and collaboration. Peak in understanding emotions, nurturing tendencies, and desire to do good.

  • Challenges: Highest fertility period.

  • Opportunities: Ideal for deepening relationships, having important conversations, and fostering teamwork.

  • How to work in this phase: Engage in deep conversations and rekindle relationships, harness teamwork and conflict resolution skills at work, fuel up with colorful veggies, whole grains, and smoothies, and maximize energy in high-intensity workouts, aiming for personal bests.

4. Luteal Phase (around day 22-28)

  • Strengths: Peaks of creativity, spontaneous thinking, and “lightbulb” moments. Effective balance between energy and rest leads to productivity.

  • Challenges: Potential for cravings due to a drop in serotonin.

  • Opportunities: Best time for solitary work, creative endeavors, and wrapping up tasks.

  • How to work in this phase: Embrace deep sleep and creativity; jot down spontaneous ideas; focus on solo tasks and decluttering workspaces; manage carbohydrate cravings sensibly; opt for cardiovascular exercises initially, transitioning to pilates as energy wanes.

🛠️ Build Gen She With Me: Conquering Self-Doubt

TBH, this past week at Gen She hasn’t been easy for me. A podcast episode I had scheduled with a really big creator got canceled at the very last minute. Normally, I wouldn’t be so dramatic, but I missed my dad’s birthday for it, and it was the first time I’d been in town for his birthday in 8 long years. Talk about a double L. Not only did I miss out on filming that episode, but I also didn’t get to see my dad before he went on his trip. It felt like such a setback, and that’s when the extreme self-doubt started creeping in…

Am I foolishly chasing a dream that might never be mine? Are my priorities all out of whack? Did my sacrifices even make sense anymore? And how far is too far? I couldn’t help but wonder if the creator would have shown more respect for my time if I had a larger presence on social media. Will I ever be “big enough?

This journey is one that I’ve been on for over 4 years now and I’ve never once wavered in my passion to take Gen She all the way to the top, but this week I came close to reconsidering it all. A good friend reminded me that success is just the final destination at the end of a long road paved with failures. So, for anyone feeling impatient right now and doubting themselves, try leaning in on your trusted friends and family for perspective and let them remind you of your why.

AND to all our longtime Gen She subscribers, I wouldn’t have kept going without your continued engagement and support! It’s moments like these when you help me remember why I embarked on this journey in the first place. ❤️ 

🎙️ Now Live - Elaine Cheng: On Finding Your North Star, Winning at Fundraising, and Saying No to Balance

Elaine Cheng has done it all - from law, to venture capital, to now startup founder. Learning from her own untraditional career path, she offers insights on how to navigate your career and choose personal fulfillment over societal and familial expectations. She gives us insight on social media trends, influencer marketing, and how Gen Z views IRL and online experiences. She talks about her startup, Disco, and gives a masterclass in founder mindset, product-market fit, and fundraising. Listen now on Spotify.

Watch Elaine’s episode on YouTube

Lillie Sun: Breezi-ing Through Your Twenties, Building a Startup, Finding Love, and Chasing Your True Purpose

Lillie Sun, founder of Breezi, shares her journey towards authenticity and personal fulfillment in both her career and personal life. Lillie opens up about her dating experiences, including moments of being 'boy crazy' and facing rejection, which have contributed to her personal growth and prepped her to become a founder. We also get a sneak peek at her journey starting Breezi, her roller-coaster ride in the startup world, how she leverages her consumer marketing expertise, her tips on how to fight off imposter syndrome, and her extensive dating life. Listen now on Spotify.

Watch Lillie’s episode on YouTube

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