How my friends and I get jobs + $$$ opportunities (and how you can too!)

I have an exciting announcement! 🎉

How my friends and I get
jobs + $$$ opportunities
(and how you can too!)

Spoiler alert: it’s not job boards.

The truth is, many of my friends who grew up in Silicon Valley can quite literally just call their “uncle” and have a job offer in their hands in less than 24 hours. But what if you’re not naturally in these inner circles? Are you completely out of luck in this job market?

Absolutely not. Here’s how you can create the same advantage for yourself so you, too, can land that opportunity in just a single phone call —

Strategy #1: Mastering In-Person Networking

In-person networking is incredibly effective because, unlike a DM or email, you simply can’t be ignored when you're face-to-face. The problem is that 99% of people mess this up by coming across as awkward and transactional in their first interaction. Nobody will want to share their connections if you come across as desperate.

To effectively network, you need to build an authentic connection and demonstrate your value before others are willing to share their network with you. A good conversation starter at an IRL event is asking whether someone is local or visiting for work. After their reply about their work, you can naturally talk about your own work. This conversation starter not only fits in any setting but also leads to pitching yourself in a natural, unforced way. This method helps you figure out two important things: how to offer value and build trust, and what kind of introduction to request at the end of the conversation to gain a new opportunity.

Consistently having these in-real-life conversations and building your network is easier in big cities like SF, NYC, or LA, where you can frequent coworking spaces and attend networking events to meet professionals in the industry.

Strategy #2: Building Your Digital Presence

But what if you can’t live in these cities? Then, it’s critical to build your digital presence.

In my opinion, Twitter, especially for tech, is the best social media platform for this. LinkedIn has become one of the worst places for networking. It's a great platform to grow quickly if you're a content creator, but it's unlikely to lead to new opportunities due to its spammy nature and the sheer volume of job requests people receive.

The way to network on Twitter is not actually by messaging people. It’s by being an “active member” of the startup/tech circles. You can do this by:

  1. Posting frequently about topics that excite you.

  2. Commenting/replying to content in your industry/sector

This approach will naturally attract founders and other industry professionals involved in areas you're interested in. The Twitter algorithm will present your content to them, and after seeing you a few times, they're likely to reach out for a chat. This might not be a job opportunity right away; it could just be to get your feedback or perspective on what they’re working on. But it's a golden chance to pitch who you are and how you can add value to their team. Remember, 99% of startups don't hire through job boards; they find exceptional individuals through their network.

I’ve seen many friends, including myself, land jobs and life-changing career opportunities this way. Honestly, it’s quite rare to hear of someone who submitted an application, went through a few interviews, and then received the job/opportunity.

For a more detailed guide on applying these strategies, check out this 7-day schedule I created!


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Alexandra Debow (21)
🎉 HUGE CONGRATS TO ALEXANDRA FOR GETTING ACCEPTED AS A 2024 THIEL FELLOW + she’s the only woman in the cohort this year! 🎉 

Alexandra Debow is the co-founder/CEO of swsh, an app to share pictures from parties. She is also a NYU dropout and Hong Kong born and raised.

  1. Why did you decide to drop out of college? In my junior year fall, I connected with my two amazing co-founders to start building different apps to help connect people. After we starting building, we couldn't stop and we wanted to spend our whole day doing it.

  2. What steps did you take to transition from an idea to actually launching a startup? We starting building for our friends and ourselves immediately. We would build, test, and launch ideas - collecting feedback along the way always.

  3. Best money advice you’ve ever received? Money just scales what you're already doing now.

  4. What’s one non-negotiable for your mental health? Journaling daily.

  5. What advice would you give to other young women considering unconventional paths like the Thiel Fellowship? If people say you're weird, you're probably on to something.

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