My most gatekept networking advice all the rich kids are doing...

Close your eyes and imagine the next generation of billion-dollar companies. Who do you think is running them?

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My most gatekept networking advice…

Close your eyes and imagine the next generation of billion-dollar companies. Who do you think is running them? It’s probably not the senior engineer at Meta pulling 3-4 hour work days and then rushing to pick their kids up from school. It’s probably your CS classmate pulling all-nighters for their side projects or your roommate running around NYC filming TikToks after their 9 to 5. These are the people building the tech and media companies of tomorrow, and these are the people that need to become your best friends. While they’re not necessarily building these companies now, they will be in the next 10 years.

My most gatekept advice is to start networking with your peers. Find the smart, ambitious people in your university, in your city, and start spending more time with them, not for the sake of “networking” but for building meaningful relationships that will one day unlock enormous achievement and wealth in your career. And remember, solidifying long-lasting relationships doesn’t happen over one coffee chat. It happens over all-nighters together, birthdays celebrated, and long FaceTime catch ups. So when your friend has an idea to build the next Meta and they need their first employee, you will be the first one they call.

And best of all, we all know that you become the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. So maybe instead of being the first employee you’ll be the one with the idea to build the next Meta yourself. 😌 

🛠️ Build Gen She With Me

Pick One: Fame or Wealth?

One of the biggest lessons in my journey to building Gen She was the significance of prioritizing fame over wealth.

Very quickly after quitting my corporate job, my savings started depleting, and I soon felt the weight of financial strain hindering my company's growth. The software product I was building at the time was only as good as the number of people who knew about it.

There’s a lot more of you on this journey with me now, but at that time there wasn’t enough, and the product struggled to generate the revenue my investors expected. So, I pivoted and shifted my focus to TikTok. I realized that for Gen She (or any future venture) to thrive, it needed more than just functionality; it needed an audience.

This was my lightbulb moment. Being famous, I discovered, is far mightier than being wealthy. If I banked on amassing wealth, I'd be hitting reset with every new venture. Fame, however, appreciates over time. Building a career around it meant each subsequent project had a head start, launching into an audience I had nurtured, built trust with, and resonated with my mission. This similar logic also applies to applying for a job. If you have an audience and a personal brand, it only gets easier to find a job and for companies to find YOU as you progress further in your career.

But it's not just about the practicality of fame. It's the profound impact that fame can have on steering change. Money, I realized, doesn't wield influence, and it definitely can't make people better. But having an engaged audience and a powerful voice – that’s where the magic happens.

And which famous person isn’t wealthy anyway? 😉 

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