Get a First Look at Gen She's 2023 Job Applications!

Ready to start the year strong with Gen She?

It’s finally here— Generation She’s 2023 applications are open for internship and full-time positions! We offer flexible, year-round engineering, design, product management, and marketing roles at top tech startups. 

Be the first to seize the opportunity: applications are now open exclusively to our email subscribers. Your early access and feedback are invaluable to us. Please don't hesitate to email us back any feedback or issues you encounter. Thank you for your support in helping us create the best possible product!

The job searching process can be time-consuming and draining, especially for women trying to break into the tech industry. Our program aims at eliminating these challenges by allowing you to apply to multiple top startups and positions, all with one (1!) application. Whether you're looking for internships or full-time roles, we've got options for you.

What does the process look like?

On your application, tell us what skills you currently bring to the table and what you want in the next role. We’ll match you with a company that best suits your career goals and interests. Interview with them to see if they’re the right fit for you. Accept your offer and officially join the program. It’s that simple!

Once you join, you’ll have access to a vetted community of the brightest women in tech who understand your challenges and needs. Participate in peer group coaching, share accomplishments, or brainstorm the next billion-dollar company of the future together — the sky’s the limit!

Apply now and join a network of top-tier female talent and innovative startups across the globe.

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