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How to hang out with people smarter than you…

guess which one of the founders in this pic sold their company for $400M!

Everyone says, “Your network is your net worth.” But networking is so 2020 and frankly overdone. The ones who get referrals to unadvertised jobs or secure investment in one phone call are those who are good friends with influential people. These friendships are often formed in rooms you can’t pay for or apply to be a part of. So, how do we stand a chance at entering these circles and forging these friendships?

After 3 years in corporate and a decade in startups, I think I have finally figured it out…

Turns out, it’s just a two-step process. The key to success here is doing BOTH steps simultaneously AND consistently.

  1. Cold DM these people within your five-year age range, whom you wouldn't organically run into for a “coffee chat.” Make this a daily routine. I do 2 of these every day in bed before I even wake up. I have a ready-made template in my notes app that I tweak slightly to personalize before sending it over. This takes me less than five minutes.

  2. Start building your personal brand. This step requires more effort but is crucial. Without a compelling personal brand, your messages will be ignored. However, by consistently appearing in their feeds, you'll eventually capture their interest, and they will respond. Now, you have your first opportunity to build a relationship with an “inner-circle friend.” 😉 

For context, I’m not rich, successful, or on-paper “smart,” but I recognize the power of being in these circles to advance my career goals. This daily habit isn't just about accumulating "smart friends;" it's about opening doors to life-changing opportunities that would otherwise remain closed.

If you're curious about how this approach has recently impacted my life, check out the story at the end of my latest TikTok!

🛠️ Build Gen She With Me

I doubled my net worth in < 1 year so I could quit my job

Building Gen She was a dream of mine since college. Attending a very wealthy college, I quickly realized something crucial: in a world where everyone seems to have ample financial resources, the necessity of having a substantial financial runway for business success was rarely mentioned. This insight struck me hard. It wasn't just about having a great business idea; it was also about having enough money to make it happen.

This understanding became a guiding principle throughout my corporate career. The dream of building Gen She was always at the forefront of my mind. I was laser-focused on one goal: to amass sufficient financial resources. I knew this was the key to leaving my job and pursuing my entrepreneurial aspirations without the stress of financial constraints.

Here is step-by-step how I did that:

  1. Strategic Company Choice: I opted for a lesser-known company in my first job because its stock showed promising growth potential.

  2. Smart Investment: I monitored the stock price and liquidated it when it was worth 3x what I got it for.

  3. Secure Savings: I invested the proceeds in a Certificate of Deposit (CD), prioritizing high yield and low risk. This was crucial as I needed the funds accessible for my business venture soon, making the volatile stock market an unsuitable option.

  4. Career Advancement: I spent 30 seconds at the end of every work day to screenshot my daily accomplishments and drop them in a folder. This helped me secure a promotion with a 30% salary increase.

  5. Radical Cost-Cutting: I lived out of a literal closet-sized room in SF for <$1K/year and had no other expenses. (I showered, worked out, and ate at the office itself.) I could never do this again, but this was my biggest hack to saving. It’s important to keep in mind that your financial needs get greater as you get older, so the lower you start when you graduate, the easier it will be to save later on and the more money you will have to leverage.

  6. Leveraging Sabbatical Benefits: Before officially quitting, I proposed taking a three-month sabbatical, to strategically tap into additional salary and stock benefits. Prepared to leave if my proposal was rejected, I was pleasantly surprised when it was accepted. The lesson: ALWAYS ask for more, but only if you're fully prepared to walk away if things don't pan out.

Comment on this TikTok with a 💰️ emoji if you want more financial content like this, or comment with a 💫 emoji if you prefer more mindset content. By commenting, you’ll automatically be entered in my holiday giveaway ($60+ of beauty and wellness products)!

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