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Thursday, August 24, 2023

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Introducing Our Upgraded Job Board! 🥳

Because we listened...
Your voice matters, and we’ve acted on it! Discover an all-new experience tailored to your needs and feedback. Here’s what’s changed:

🔹 Empower Yourself: Sign up and join our talent network so companies can reach out to YOU, not the other way around

🔹 One Click Profile Creation: Auto-import your details from LinkedIn into one profile so you can apply to jobs quickly

🔹 Manage Your Journey: Track all your applications in one place

🔹 Stay Ahead: Keep your finger on the pulse with the latest and greatest jobs in tech and business

BONUS! 😉 We’re hiring a marketing manager to join our team. No prior marketing experience required - we’re looking for a fast learner with solid foundational skills who’s excited to help us take Gen She to the next level! If that’s you, apply now! 💘

A New Giveaway?? 🤫

Ok so… not sure if I’m allowed to share this yet (sorry to my marketing team), but I’m gonna tell you anyway. We worked really hard to secure a ticket to the Grace Hopper Conference (GHC) happening next month. We’re giving the ticket to one of you, so keep an eye out for the giveaway details next week!

🎙️ Now Live: Kathryn’s $4.5M YC Journey at 24 & Angelina’s Leap from Amazon to Startups

Have you checked out our podcast lately? We’ve released 2 new episodes since our last newsletter.

One episode is with Kathryn Cross, the 24-year old founder of Anja Health.

The other is with Angelina Quach, a software engineer at Amazon who is leaving her job to enter the world of startups.

💬 My favorite quotes:

Kathryn: There’s no downside to quitting your job to be a founder because worst case, you fail as a founder, but then people still respect you for having been a founder. And then you can get a job at a big tech company or another startup that’s probably really well paid.

Angelina: I still feel like sometimes I’ll walk into rooms full of women and I still feel very isolated. And now I’m starting to wonder, is it more intrinsic of me, like internal, that I feel kind of lonely? Or is it after like six, seven years of being in a space that’s been so male dominated that I’ve lost that muscle to kind of connect to women?

What’s new on our job board 🔥

… and more! 😉

You gotta read this 👀

That’s all for this week! Have an amazing day! 😄

❤️ Avni Barman, Founder @ Generation She

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