Your Invite to Meet Recruiters from Google, Netflix, and more + Get Hired With This Schedule

We’re giving you a full hour with FOUR big tech recruiters where you can ask them literally anything. Our panelists work at some of the world’s biggest Fortune 500 companies - Netflix, Google, Intuit, and Lockheed Martin.

Live AMA: Big Tech Recruiter Edition

We’re giving you a full hour with FOUR big tech recruiters where you can ask them literally anything. Our panelists work at some of the world’s biggest Fortune 500 companies - Netflix, Google, Intuit, and Lockheed Martin.

Here’s what to expect —

⭐ 5 min of intros and then YOU get the floor for the remaining 55 min to rapid-fire your questions

💡 Ask them anything. Here are some ideas: interview prep, resume advice, current job opportunities, their takes on the current economic climate, creating a personal brand, networking tips, recruitment processes, company culture, etc.

☕ Drop your resume here to be selected for 1:1 coffee chats with the recruiters

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Follow this 7×3 Schedule to Get Hired!

I HATE that I’m writing this up right now but the truth is no one is getting hired in this economy through traditional job application methods. In fact, most roles posted by big companies are for “marketing purposes.” They need to show that they are always hiring so that their competitors and shareholders don’t fear the company is doing poorly in this recession. This is how companies keep their stock price up and maintain calmness amongst their employees. Most of these roles are “opportunistically hired” (look it up on Google if you’re curious), meaning they will only hire if they find someone that completely exceeds their expectations but will be okay closing the role without hiring if they don’t find that person. BUT just because job postings online are looking unobtainable, that doesn’t mean we’re going to sit here unemployed. Here’s what we’re gonna do instead —

Follow this 7-day schedule for 3 weeks and I guarantee you will be closer to finding a job than any amount of traditional job applying!

(Monday) SPRAY & PRAY DAY - Send 10 cold celebrity DMs. A “celebrity” in this case, is anyone who can open a new door for you on this path to employment. It could be a recruiter, an executive at your dream company, a content creator, etc.

(Tuesday) SCHOOL DAY - Teach yourself one new thing and make a post about it on a platform of your choice (LinkedIn, Twitter, IG, TikTok). The internet has infinite resources, so this should be easy. Try to learn something in the niche that you’re excited about pursuing your career in.

(Wednesday) CRAFT DAY - Spend the day working on a project in the field that you’re interested in and then post about it on a platform of your choice. Example projects: Code an app, redesign mockups of your favorite product, start a blog, etc.

(Thursday) $$$ DAY - Make money on the internet off one thing you’re good at. An example could be picking up a project on sites like Upwork or coaching younger people in school or their careers on sites like Topmate.

(Friday) MEETING DAY - Fill that calendar up with as many meetings as possible! From the cold DMs you sent out to the inbound that you got from all the posts you did this week, you should have a few conversations now that you can turn into informational interviews. Even if this person feels like they can’t help you, take the meeting because you never know who could intro you to who and what opportunity might land in your corner. Often times, it’s the people we least expect!

(Saturday) DO WHATEVER YOU WANT DAY - Literally. The goal is to rest and revitalize yourself to start next week strong. If that means binging Netflix all day while you lay in bed, go for it. If that means going outdoors for a hike, love it, do it.

(Sunday) CONSUMPTION DAY - Read a book, listen to a podcast, scroll TikTok, watch a show…consume anything you’re interested in or passionate about, and post about it!

🛠️ Build Gen She With Me

The Cold Email is the New Cover Letter

I’ve been so ridiculously slammed these past few months, I haven’t even had a chance to look through the applications to our marketing role. This weekend I’m booking an entire 3 hours to finally go through them but I would lying if I said that I haven’t already seen a bunch of your applications straight from my inbox! While I wanted to be fair to the job board, I have to admit I did end up reading through some of the more catchy ones sent to me and already have interviews scheduled with them.

I made this TikTok walking through which emails I was tempted enough to respond to and which ones I ended up just marking as read. A lot of people were upset that I favored applications that went the extra mile by emailing. They also got upset that I didn’t read through all the emails. The reality is, I’m a very busy founder trying to build a company from the ground up so I don’t have the time (or energy, really) to monitor my inbox and read 100s of cold emails. I didn’t post that video to make people feel bad but rather to be transparent with my Gen She community and show you insider info on how the business world and recruiters operate when it comes to hiring. I also hope that my breakdowns of these cold emails give you the inspiration you need on your job search journey. In this attention economy, where it’s harder to reach people than ever before, cold emails are really just replacing the traditional cover letter that used to be required for every job you applied for. So unfortunately, that might be what you have to do for every job you apply for. Might as well start learning how to stand out if you’re already putting in the effort, and I hope I was able to demystify that with my video!

You’ll hear me say this a lot, but building a company is really freaking hard and so the reality is I will prioritize the applicant that went above and beyond and really showcased to me how much they care about the company. That’s because only that kind of person will be able to thrive at Gen She and have what it takes to help me build this company from 0 to 1. The truth is every startup founder feels this way, not just me. Many of us would love to give candidates the time and attention they deserve, but we’re already stretched way too thin - with our companies and sometimes even in our personal lives too. Likewise, we’ve built our companies from the ground up with blood, sweat, and tears and won’t casually give that away. So either you can show why you want to work for a founder and how you can grow their company or I guess you can go build your own? Then you can play by your own rules. 🙃 

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