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The single most powerful marketing channel to have as a business owner


Money makes the world go round. That is quite literally an undeniable fact. Receiving a $40,000 raise in my first job, in addition to my regular bonus and high six-figure salary, opened many doors for me. It enabled me to pursue my passions and take on the financial risks associated with entrepreneurship. It also allowed me to travel extensively and live in big cities in my early twenties. By the time I quit my job in my late twenties to start Gen She, I had no FOMO or desire to party and explore because I had already experienced so much. This is what truly allowed me to focus 100% of my time and energy on building my company from the ground up, turning my dreams into a reality, and making my business profitable.

The truth is, getting this raise wasn't about working extra hours or taking on weekend projects. It was about working smart, aligning my incentives with my manager's, and navigating office politics effectively. In fact, I worked fewer hours than all my coworkers combined because I understood how the system worked and knew how to navigate it. I’m sharing all my corporate secrets with you so you can get ahead and make more money to pursue your dreams, whether that's starting your own business or achieving financial freedom to live your dream life. This advice is just as relevant to someone who hasn't started their first job yet as it is to someone deep in their career.

Warning: This episode is not for the faint. I am completely unhinged—more than ever before—walking you through all the TEA I know, and providing simple hacks to help you land that dream income without working a single extra minute.

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THIS is the single most powerful marketing channel to have:

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WOW! I cannot believe you all showed up like that - THANK YOU! Your support and passion for learning and advancing your careers and lives are so inspiring. I am incredibly grateful to have a community like this around me. ❤️

Last week, I truly realized the power of owning your audience through a newsletter as a business owner. You can reach your customers at any time. You’re never at the whim of an algorithm. Whether it's an event you're hosting, a new video you've released, or a new product launch, having an owned audience allows you to simply share a link and, within 24 hours, achieve your first 1,000 RSVPs, views, or sales. This “on/off switch” provided by owning a newsletter is your #1 superpower for unlocking infinite potential income streams, in a way that merely creating content on social media cannot.

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Turns out you don’t need to be crazy rich to own a piece of the trillions of dollars that flow through the tech industry every year! Wefunder is a platform that allows anyone to invest as little as $100 into startups, and each week, I’ll be sharing one company that I’m investing in with you!

✨ AI-smart matching powered by Open AI's LLM identifies a shortlist of candidates.

✨ The global market size for AI in recruitment is substantial, estimated at nearly $600B in 2023.

✨ Grown from $50K of ARR to $6M in four years. 


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