I quit my $300K job with no plan...here's what really happened

Ozempic dupe now available for 10x cheaper?


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I quit my $300K big tech job with no plan
Here’s What Really Happened:

It’s officially been over a year since I quit my job. I’ve shared a lot about how I landed a six-figure role as a PM straight out of graduation, and I’ve provided insights on building a successful business. But what about everything in between? What is it really like to quit your job and transition from a highly structured corporate environment to figuring everything out on your own? How do you decide what to do next? How do you pivot and get back up when you have bad ideas and hit walls? How do you do all that while keeping your friendships intact and setting the right expectations with your family? And most importantly, how do you navigate all of that while keeping your bank account and sanity afloat?

That’s what I share in this video: the good, the bad, the ugly, all the personal tea and conflicts—I hold nothing back. I discuss how Gen She started as a nonprofit, became a venture-backed software company for a bit, and has now taken on a completely different form. I reveal the reality of what that process looks like and where it’s headed now. Yes, it’s important to share success stories, learnings, and advice so people can feel inspired, but the truth is, it’s always way harder than we say. It's a lot more nuanced and complex than a single checklist or email template. The day-to-day is tough, and seeing how real people just like you navigate that is where the true learnings are.

If entrepreneurship is ever in your future, this video is definitely worth watching. As always, if you prefer audio, you can find it on Spotify or Apple Music!

 💰️ Mom, I Am a Rich Man
An interview series uncovering the stories and strategies of badass women on a quest to find richness in health and wealth.

Michelle Kwok (26)

Michelle is currently pursuing her full-time MBA at Columbia Business School and works part-time in VC at SOSV on the investment team. Prior to this, she co-founded FLIK, a platform connecting female leaders and learners across the world via meaningful career experiences, which was acquired by Rumor Avenue in Oct 2021.

  1. What's the most surprising thing you discovered about yourself after selling the company?

    Since I was so young when I started my company, my entire career identity was attached to being a founder. I felt quite lost after FLIK was acquired. Who was I if not a founder? Who could I work for? What could I build where I could feel purpose again?

    It was a whole journey to rediscovering myself and the paths I could take to find purpose. I realized that it's ok to have different chapters in life with different purposes, methods of fulfillment, and levels of effort. The ups and downs and twists and turns are what make this career journey and life exciting.

  2. What advice would you give your younger self before starting your first company?

    Burn out is real. If you don't respond to every email within 10 minutes it's GOING TO BE OKAY. Take care of yourself. Your body is going to be your body forever. 

  3. Best money advice you’ve ever received?

    Make sure you save enough for a rainy day, but be willing to spend on memories. Time goes by faster than you think.

  4. What’s one non-negotiable for your mental health?
    I time block all my time so that my personal, social, fitness, and career goals are all being met and are equally weighted. If my calendar says I'm seeing my friends from 4-6pm, I will be there fully present. If my calendar says I'm answering emails from 1-2pm, I will be doing that. Each time block is as important as the next.

  5. What's next for your career?
    I'll likely stay in venture for the next few years, but I know that becoming a founder again is in my path. I might be brewing on an idea now in fact...

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