How Taylor Swift’s 'TTPD' made history & how you can copy her success!

Here's how I saved $100,000 before turning 24


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How Taylor Swift’s 'TTPD' made history & how you can copy her success

Taylor Swift isn’t like any other music billionaires.

Unlike many artists who leverage their fame to launch profitable side hustles in beauty and fashion, Swift has amassed her wealth purely through her music—a feat no other artist has achieved.

That’s for one reason only: consistent, high-quality output.

And it’s made Taylor Swift one of the most successful artists of our decade.

Achieving billionaire status in the music industry requires more than just talent—it demands relentless work and unwavering dedication over a significant period of time.

What distinguishes Swift’s financial success is not just the quantity of her work but the quality and consistency across her 11 original studio albums. Whether she's on a global tour or secluded during a pandemic, Swift continues to write, produce, and release music with the same vigor as when she first started. Few artists maintain such a robust work ethic, especially as their fame grows and trends shift.

This principle holds true universally: consistent hard work leads to unmatched success. I've experienced this firsthand while building my company, Gen She, over the past five years. Only now am I beginning to see the returns on that persistence.

The real challenge is not whether you’re able to show up every day but whether you desire success strongly enough to persist. If you knew you could achieve your goals simply by persevering daily, and you wanted it badly enough, then success would be inevitable—and failure would become impossible.


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Diary of a Delulu CEO Episode 7:
How I saved $100,000 before turning 24

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Shocker: money matters!

In fact, building financial freedom can increase your odds of success as a founder by 10x. Building a successful company is 99% about having the resilience to push through tough times, and let's face it: funding is the fuel for that stamina!

So here’s the story of how I saved $100,000 before turning 24 and how partnering with Mercury was such a game-changer for me!

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Missed Episode 6? Check it out here 😊 

 💰️ Mom, I Am a Rich Man
An interview series uncovering the stories and strategies of badass women on a quest to find richness in health and wealth.

Elizabeth K. Ruzzo, PhD
After experiencing life-threatening side effects from birth control, Elizabeth was inspired to apply her expertise in precision medicine to create adyn. Elizabeth has developed the first and only test designed to prevent birth control side effects, enabling individuals to choose their contraception with confidence. Elizabeth also holds a PhD in human genetics and genomics from Duke University.

  1. What's the biggest myth you learned about birth control during your research?

    Myth: Birth control causes infertility.
    Fact: Reversible forms of birth control do not make you infertile or decrease your chances of getting pregnant in the future. If you’re using hormonal birth control like oral contraceptives, your fertility should return to normal levels within 2–6 months, although some people can get pregnant immediately. More on birth control myths, debunked

  2. How much do you make?

    As the founder of an early stage start-up, I pay myself as little as possible to live and not be stressed about my finances. My personal philosophy: any money you pay yourself beyond what you need is taking away from your business. I think there is often a perception that startup life is glamorous, especially for the founders, but this is definitely not the case at the earliest stages (pre Series B).

  3. Best money advice you’ve ever received?

    Don’t cancel your old credit cards, even if you have a different “favorite” credit card with better rewards. Your oldest credit cards contribute positively to your credit score because they have the longest credit history. Even if you don’t use them, old credit cards are important to keep active to build good credit.

  4. What are you reading and who are you following to stay up to date on women's health?

    Books: Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men (Caroline Criado Pérez), The Gospel of Wellness: Gyms, Gurus, Goop, and the False Promise of Self-Care (Rina Raphael), and Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life (Emily Nagoski)
    People I follow: Chrissy Farr, Deena Shakir, NIH Office of Research on Women's Health, Caroline Kitchener, Halle Tecco

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