The Tea on GHC 2023 and Learn to CRUSH Your Goals!

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ICYMI: GHC’23 Was Absolute Chaos 🙈

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the drama surrounding this year’s Grace Hopper Conference. ICYMI, an overwhelming number of cis men claiming to be non-binary swarmed GHC, consuming the already-limited resources meant for women. I shared my thoughts with Wired and 404Media and I have to say, it was really shocking to witness how low people are willing to go when times are tough.

During the Gen She meetup I hosted at GHC, many of you expressed the same sadness and disappointment. I tweeted about it and got bombarded with a ton of toxic comments from sexist men. This just goes to show that we are SO far from making any significant progress on the “women in tech issue”.

Now that GHC is over, I hope we can all use this experience to come together and be supportive of each other’s job search journeys. You’re strong and more than capable enough to create the life you deserve. If you want to talk more about it, my DMs are open, and I’m more committed than ever to doing the work to help all you girlies achieve your dream careers!

For those of you that went to GHC (and even if you didn’t), I created this guide to help you land a job after the conference. Yes, it’s possible. The job opportunities I got through GHC didn’t happen until several months after the conference. Suffice to say the road doesn’t end here for you, you’re just getting started. 🫶

🛠️ Build Gen She With Me: Learn How to Crush Your Goals

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A while back I learned about this concept of a goal-oriented mindset (as opposed to a task-oriented one). In the past few weeks, we've really been putting this into practice at Gen She and it's been a game-changer for our productivity. This mindset shift isn’t just useful for us; it’s essential for anyone looking to advance in their career.

Many of us have grown up being task-oriented - think of school assignments and work tasks. This makes us stagnant. To truly grow, you need to be goal-oriented, focusing your time on achieving your goals rather than just completing tasks. Some goals may involve many tasks, but the key is consistently channeling your energy into actions that drive the most significant progress toward your objectives.

Here’s how it works for me: I have different goals for different stages of my life (and business). Right now, it’s all about growing this newsletter and reaching more of you. So, every day, I ask myself, “What’s one thing I can do today to get closer to my goal?” Of course, there are tasks assigned to us that we can’t ignore. But if I spent my whole day crossing off these tasks, I’d never make progress towards my goal. Instead, I allocate an hour each day, after completing my goal-focused task, to cross a few things off my running to-do list in order of priority. Some tasks may never get done, but that’s okay because the most crucial ones will, and the less important ones were probably never that important anyway. 😊

🎙️ Now Live - Natasha Mascarenhas: On Being Her Own Competitive Advantage as a Brown Woman in Tech Journalism

Natasha Mascarenhas, acclaimed tech journalist and reporter for The Information, joins The Gen She Podcast to shed light on her unique journey in the tech and media world. She shares her transition from a versatile journalist, having previously worked at Crunchbase and TechCrunch, to a dedicated tech startup and venture storyteller, driven by her mission to highlight minority voices. As an Indian American, she gets candid about moments of feeling overlooked and the deep significance of representation. Natasha, who has navigated the tech landscape from its core, offers insights on the evolution of digital platforms, the power of networks, and the necessity of seeking clarity through "stupid" questions. Listen now.

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I chat with Bailey Farren, co-founder and CEO of Perimeter, about the harsh realities of being a startup founder. Bailey shares the struggles she faced while fundraising for her company and the near-death experience that transformed her approach to life and work. This episode is GOLD if you’re looking for valuable advice to boost your productivity, health, and overall happiness. Listen now.

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