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What if your next job offer didn’t hinge on your resume, but on something far more powerful?

Personal brand—yes, that's likely what you had in mind. But rather than just extolling its importance, let's discuss how to actually do this effectively.

And no, it’s not about how many likes or impressions your content gets.

In fact, the engagement your content receives, or the size of your audience, doesn't matter at all for 99.9% of careers. What's crucial is the type of content you're making and how comprehensive, or 'bingeable,' your profile is. That’s where creating a 'binge bank' comes in, and it matters much more than your resume.

Your online personal brand or digital footprint tells future employers much more about the kind of candidate you are than any resume ever could.

This is why it’s essential for everyone to create their own “binge bank.”

Binge Bank
/binj baNGk/
1. an online repository of content that any third party can binge in one sitting and have a well-rounded understanding of who you are, what you care about, and what your skills are

The Binge Bank: Your Personal Brand Showcase

Think of it as your own Netflix show that you produce, showcasing who you are, along with your best stories, accomplishments, and passions. You want to ensure that if anyone becomes curious or stumbles upon your profile, they have the opportunity to dive deep into who you are. Ideally, by the end, they should find enough content on the internet about you to not only feel like they know you well but also become fully convinced of your capabilities as a candidate, ultimately leading to much higher perception and respect for you. So yes, one view on your LinkedIn post might feel disheartening, but that one view could be from a future employer who becomes convinced to hire you.

This isn’t just good advice for job seekers; it's valuable for anyone, whether you want someone to buy your product, invest in your company, or even just give you a follow.

Getting Started with Your Binge Bank

If you’re struggling to get started, ask yourself what those ten things are that you want someone to know about you to achieve your goals. Then, go create that content and place it somewhere on the internet, on a medium you feel comfortable with. It can be a blog, a LinkedIn post, a tweet, or even a TikTok. Remember, you're just one Google search away. If someone wants to find you, they will, no matter which platform you use.

When you are creating that content, don't think, "Oh, this one thing has to go viral to be successful." Instead, think, "I'm just creating content for my binge bank. I'm just adding to my resume." If you're very results-driven like me, saying this can even trick your brain and give you the willpower to keep going, regardless of how small your audience is.

Your Personal Branding Toolkit

To help you on this journey, I've created a free 30-day LinkedIn content guide. It's designed to kickstart your binge bank, offering 30 days of prompts and strategies to build your personal brand effectively. You don’t have to use this strategy only on LinkedIn; the principles can be adapted for any social media platform of your choice. Hope it helps!


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Ruffin Mitchener (31)
Ruffin is a creator and startup advisor with an MBA from UCLA. She previously worked at Deloitte and now advises select startups on viral content strategies. Her media brand, Brydge Club, has reached over 30 million women involved in startups, tech, and venture capital.

  1. What's your hottest take on getting an MBA? You probably don't need an MBA, unless you're trying to pivot into IB, consulting, or product at a large corporation that recruits from MBA programs.

  2. Why did you quit your Big 4 job in consulting? Corporate America was not for me. I always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, and left Deloitte to get experience at an early stage startup before going out on my own.

  3. How much money do you make now? As a creator and startup advisor, my income is incredibly variable month to month. Some months are much bigger than others. In March, I made 5 figures.

  4. What’s your favorite TikTok growth hack? Purposely mispronounce a common word or name in your TikTok. People go crazy in the comments and that drives virality.

  5. What’s one non-negotiable for your mental health? Sleep. I'm not a morning person, and I'm not ashamed. I get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep in the weeknight and 9-10 on the weekends. 

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