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Wait.. Another Giveaway?? + How to Create Your Personal Brand, New Podcast Eps, and Job Board Newness

Let's get started...

Thursday, Sep 7, 2023

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Tacos at 1am w/ the Gen She team (Monica, Avni, Cynthia) post-Gen She x Wefunder

Hey this is Cynthia, Director of Marketing at Gen She! 👋 I’m taking over this section to share a story about how creating my personal brand got me invited to be on a podcast, among other amazing things, and how you can create similar opportunities for yourself too!

This is such an important read because not many people are talking about this right now and that’s wild to me. Having a personal brand is all about empowering yourself and making things happen on your own time instead of waiting around for a company, person, or the universe to (maybe) hand it to you. Read my full article here.

Here’s the overview:

  1. I’m demystifying the concept of "personal branding," emphasizing it's not just for influencers or celebrities but is crucial for anyone wanting to grow professionally, personally, or socially.

  2. I share a personal story about the transformative power of a personal brand, leading to unexpected connections, a podcast invitation, and even a job offer.

  3. I give actionable tips on how to start crafting your own personal brand, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and long-term engagement over short-term gains like virality.

So apparently it’s giveaway season… 😅 

The conferences just keep coming. You guys loved the GHC giveaway (as expected lol), so we’re hitting you with ANOTHER giveaway - this time for TechCrunch Disrupt! We’ll share more details next week so keep an eye on your inbox and our socials.

Btw, if you’re hosting a conference or want to partner with us, send us an email (or just respond to this one)!

🎙️ NOW LIVE - Dulma Altan: Embracing Fear, Authenticity, and Meaningful Content in an Algorithm-Driven World

Our latest episode with the iconic Dulma Altan (you may know her as @iamdulma on TikTok). Dulma rose to fame through TikTok where she shares breakdowns of female-founded companies with her audience of 106k+ followers.

In this ep, Dulma shares her personal journey and insights on creating content from a place of authenticity, rather than chasing viral fame. She dives into the importance of finding fulfillment in creating content that serves a unique purpose, the power of consistency and commitment, and the need to lean into discomfort for personal and creative growth. Listen now on Spotify.

Watch Dulma’s episode on YouTube

In case you missed it, our prev episode was with Amber Illig, angel investor and Silicon Valley veteran. Amber’s journey into angel investing and venture capital began when she moved to Silicon Valley for a job at Apple. Despite working at a Fortune 500 company, she felt drawn to the founder ecosystem and wanted to be involved in venture-backed startups. She started angel investing while continuing her career in tech, eventually investing in 30 companies with wildly successful returns. Realizing her passion and skill for investing, she decided to make it her full-time focus and raised her first fund. Amber runs The Council Angels, a community of 100+ operators turned angel investors. Listen now on Spotify.

Watch Amber’s episode on YouTube

💬 My favorite quotes:

Dulma: The biggest thing for anybody asking themselves, how do I live a more authentic life? How do I find my thing? What is my calling?… It's not going to come as this fully fleshed out plan and this user's manual to your entire rest of your life, it's going to come as one little nudge, basically.”

Amber: "And so angel investing. I didn't know it at the time, but I think that's one of the things that made it most attractive to me, because I started to think, wow, if I ever did get promoted in my dream world into a CEO position? Or if I started my own company, would I actually have the confidence? At this point, after ten years of operating and never being like the solo decision maker, would I have the confidence to step into that role? Because you don't get that opportunity very often. And so that, to me, was a huge unlock when I started angel investing."

What’s new on our job board 🔥

… and more! 😉

That’s all for this week! Have an amazing day! 😄

❤️ Avni Barman, Founder @ Generation She

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