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💰️5 completely UNHINGED financial habits💰️
I do as a 26 year old entrepreneur

and I’ll be taking all of these into 2024 😉 

  1. I choose not to have an emergency fund. I put all my savings in a high-interest CD (certificate of deposit), which is locked and inaccessible for 9 months. There’s no better way to build a business than with the pressure of an empty bank account.

  2. The majority of my monthly expenses come from outsourcing food (AKA DoorDash). This is because I can make more money working on my business for an hour than making myself food.

  3. I do not invest my money in the stock market. I spend 100% of my extra money investing it back into my business. There’s no better bet to take than a bet on yourself, and a bet on yourself is one you have full control over, quite unlike the stock market.

  4. I have a no-spend rule on all makeup and clothing. As a girl who has lived 26 years on this planet, I have enough to last me a lifetime. (And I get plenty of PR packages and presents from family/friends to compensate!)

  5. I refuse to have a lease on an apartment. As a new business owner, it's crucial for me to maximize opportunities and exposure, which means spending time in several major cities throughout the year. I don’t want the financial burden of paying monthly rent on an apartment in an expensive city that I barely inhabit, in addition to my travel costs. My plan is to stick to short-term subleases until I can buy a home.

    Disclaimer: The content shared here is based on my personal experiences and is intended for informational purposes only. Please note that I am not a financial advisor, and this should not be taken as financial advice. What has worked for me is tailored to my unique goals and current life context and may not be suitable for everyone.

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 💰️ Mom, I Am a Rich Man
An interview series uncovering the stories and strategies of badass women on a quest to find richness in health and wealth.

Christina Guo (23)
“I’m the founder of a startup that helps teams craft and launch AI-powered analytics experiences for their customers! I got really into product and growth while at UC Berkeley where I spent most of my time working with the startups on campus and did a brief stint in early-stage VC before starting Cue.”

  1. How much do you make? $48k - People are sometimes super shocked by this one since we’ve raised some venture money (and living in San Francisco which isn’t cheap!) but most of our upside is in the company, it’s more than enough for us to spend, and we kind of wanted to keep the heat on so we’d move as fast as possible.

  2. Best money advice you’ve ever received? Probably from my dad — He immigrated to the US in his 20s with no money or connections (and barely knowing English), and he ended up teaching himself how to trade stocks and starting his own asset management practice. One thing he taught me was to bet heavily on myself and invest in getting very good at something I enjoy (especially now when I can handle a lot of risk!) instead of spending a ton of time trying to over-optimize cutting smaller expenses that are probably bringing a lot of happiness.

  3. Favorite productivity hack? The trifecta of coffee shop, noise-canceling headphones, and Sunsama for dumping your tasks and thoughts into doable chunks. I also just started using Clearspace to moderate social feed distractions, which has been awesome.

  4. What’s one non-negotiable for your mental health? Doing something totally new every week, usually with friends. I saw a ton of new things in Brooklyn the other day, and it was a blast (I think we walked seven miles!).

Consistent peak performance is challenging and requires a foundation of mental wellness. By adopting self-care practices with a licensed therapist, you ensure sustained energy levels, focus, and productivity to maintain high levels of performance over the long haul.

Mental health challenges are a normal part of life, and so is asking for help.

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