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& what is the hidden cost of working your dream job?

The hidden cost of working your dream job

My friend called me up crying the other day: “This is so unfair! I’m one of the best engineers on the team, and my promotion barely covers the cost of basic inflation.”

Immediately, one of my favorite quotes came to mind:

If you don't get what you want, it's a sign either that you did not seriously want it, or that you tried to bargain over the price.

Rudyard Kipling

Trust me, I’m all for demanding more pay and getting the promotion you deserve. I even wrote an entire guide on quick strategies to get a raise! However, the truth is she had no leverage to ask for more money. She had no intention of leaving, no competing offer, and no alternative source of income to give this job less attention and importance. And the company knew that. Did the company do the noble thing by underpaying her? Absolutely not. But in life, there are no shortcuts, and you have to pay the price of building leverage to be responded to when you demand more. That means putting in the extra work months in advance, preparing your promo package, passively conducting job interviews on the side to present competing offers at the annual promo review, or being willing to step away from the company because you created a better opportunity for yourself elsewhere.

The bitter pill to swallow here is that without leverage, you can’t expect a raise, even if you excel in your role. The company has zero incentive to pay more when there are plenty of eager candidates lining up for your job and not asking for more money to do it.

This dynamic also explains why creative positions are often paid less than technical ones. The demand for creative jobs is much higher, largely because they're perceived as more enjoyable and aligned with personal interests. Oftentimes, excelling in these roles simply means building their skills doing things they already love. It's a simple case of supply and demand economics in the job market: the number of available jobs versus the number of people willing and capable of doing them. There will always be more individuals willing to accept lower pay and less favorable treatment for the lifestyle such jobs offer. While potentially controversial, this might justify why these roles are paid less. Your job is objectively more fun and more desirable than “crunching numbers all day behind a computer” job. This is especially evident in industries like fashion, beauty, and social media, where many roles are significantly underpaid because more people find those jobs entertaining and aligned with the life they already want to live.

And if you don’t want to play corporate politics or be subject to minimum wage, you don’t have to. You can build your own company where you set your own hours, pay people what you want, and choose what you work on every day. But that also comes with its own price tag. You do not get to clock out at 5 pm knowing a paycheck will come to you every two weeks. And you do not have the luxury of sleeping stress-free at night, knowing that the entire fate of the company lies on someone else’s shoulders.

Every path has its cost, and life offers no discounts. But the silver lining is you hold the power to choose. You get to decide the path you want to take and the price you’re willing to pay.

If you’re currently struggling with what the best path for your career should look like, I made my own version of the Odyssey Planning worksheet, for you all. In it, you map out three alternative realities of what the next five years of your career could be, considering the three things a job needs: interest, impact, and income. This is so you don’t make the wrong purchase for a decision that determines your entire life and career! You can grab it here.


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Allison Kiang (26)
Allison Kiang is an investor at early-stage venture capital firm Twelve Below. She previously pivoted from Strategy and Innovation Management at growth stage healthcare startup Komodo Health. Allison graduated from Columbia University where she majored in neuroscience and East Asian studies, while serving on the Columbia Daily Spectator newspaper.

  1. Which skill was most crucial for your successful career pivot? Self-directed learning. I knew I wanted to explore venture capital, and the best way I learned was persistently "doing the job" before I got the job. I ran towards the things that I knew all VCs do — find founders, built relationships with them, connect them with investors on fundraise, do the same with talent and angel investors.

  2. What was the biggest challenge you faced during your career transition? Feedback loops. The feedback cycles are so long for companies to show if they're working out, and while I was breaking into venture, I didn't have a firm of colleagues to pressure test my investment theses and how I thought about a business. It's important to have a community of people you trust to talk through big ideas with you.

  3. Best money advice you’ve ever received? Invest! I am grateful a friend sat me down and talked me through how the stock market worked and the power of compound interest.

  4. What’s one non-negotiable for your mental health? A great Spotify playlist, lots of matcha, and walking by the water.

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